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One of the most popular features in Spicetify is theming. You can customize your Spotify to your heart's desire! However, this is a very cumbersome task.

For this reason, the theming heroes of the Spicetify community have created a huge library of themes which can be found in the following repositories:

  1. spicetify/spicetify-themes - The official Spicetify themes repository. Feel free to contribute with more themes!
  2. NYRI4/Comfy-spicetify
  3. williamckha/spicetify-fluent
  4. Catppuccin/spicetify
  5. nimsandu/spicetify-bloom
  6. Tetrax-10/Nord-Spotify (not maintained)
  7. JulienMaille/dribbblish-dynamic-theme (not maintained)
  8. Insert your theme here!